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Recorded at Selinsgrove Center April 2015.

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Richard has lived at Selinsgrove Center for 23 years.

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Richard from Selinsgrove Center, carrying a trash bag
Richard and Tim smile
Richard with a bottle of Coca-Cola
Richard sits in an auditorium
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Richard takes a photo of himself and Tim

LIVES LIVED APART interview with Richard recorded April 11, 2015

PHOTO Richard with his interviewer Tim

Tim: We are recording. So my name is Tim Wilson. I'm interviewing Richard at the Selinsgrove Center for the Lives Lived Apart project on April 11th, 2015. We're here to talk about Richard's life and raise awareness about how people with disabilities live and work in Pennsylvania. Also joining me with Richard is Ryan, who works here at Selinsgrove, and Celia, who is part of the Lives Lived Apart project. The four of us are going to talk about Richard's life here so why don't we start from the beginning. Where were you born Richard?

Richard: York, Pennsylvania.

Tim: York, Pennsylvania. OK, when were you born?

Richard: Here.

Tim: What year? What year were you born?

Richard: From here.

Tim: When was your birthday?

Richard: March 5th, 1964.

Tim: March 5th, 1964? OK, great, so what was it like growing up? Did you have any brothers or sisters?

Richard: Two sisters and one brother.

Tim: OK. Are they older or younger?

Richard: I'm older than them.

Tim: You're the oldest? OK, so you're the big brother?

Richard: Yeah.

Tim: Alright. So did you go to school?

Richard: High School.

Tim: Yeah? What was the name of your high school?

Richard: Westminster High School.

Tim: Westminster? OK. In York?

Richard: No. Maryland.

Tim: Where?

Richard: Maryland.

Tim: Maryland? OK. Great, great. So tell me a little bit about growing up in York. What did you like to do?

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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