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Recorded at Selinsgrove Center April 2015.

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George has lived at Selinsgrove Center for 58 years.

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George holding pipe
George from Selinsgrove Center
George working
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George with interviewer Carole

Lives Lived Apart interview with George recorded April 11, 2015

PHOTO of George with his interviewer Carole

CAROLE'S COMMENTS: "When we sat down and George was comfortable and George smoked his pipe, then I got to hear something dramatically different about what's important to him and it was very moving. Instead of me saying: question, question, question we interacted with the environment that's his. What he came out with and what he was able to bring to the interview was very meaningful and ultimately quite poetic and, you know, powerful. I just joined him in that environment instead of trying to construct the environment verbally, and that was a gift."

Carole: So my name is Carole, Carole (inaudible), and I am interviewing George.

George: Yeah.

Carole: George, we're at Selinsgrove and today is April 11th.

George: Yeah.

Carole: Right? So George I thought I'd first ask you what is your whole name, George? George...

George: Yeah.

Carole: Just George?

George: Yeah.

Carole: OK, alright. Where were you born George? Do you know?

George: No.

Carole: No?

George: No.

Carole: Alright. You and I were talking about how long you've lived here.

George: A long time.

Carole: Yes. How many years? Do you remember?

George: Two years.

Carole: Two? I think I remember you saying it might have even been... 40 maybe?

George: 40.

Carole: Alright, OK and we especially wanted to talk about your work.

George: Yeah.

Carole: Your recycling work that you do. Would you be able to describe what work you do and you said you do this every day.

George: Papers

Carole: What do you do with the papers George?

George: Tear them up.

Carole: Oh, OK. Do you have to do anything with cans or?

George: Cans.

Carole: So how many hours do you work?

George: Two hours.

Carole: Wow, OK. Every day?

George: I take the guys a break.

Carole: Oh, OK. I see.

George: (Inaudible).

Carole: OK.

George: I take the guys from break.

Carole: OK so two hours a day. Is it five or seven days a week?

George: Seven.

Carole: Wow. Chad mentioned and other people mentioned...

George: Yeah.

Carole: That you won an award or Kevin maybe said that, didn't he?

George: Yeah.

Carole: What is that award?

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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