Advocacy: Programs

Programs and resources promoting, supporting, and training self-advocacy/advocacy for people with disabilities and families.

  • Equal Justice for People with Developmental Disabilities

    Providing information, training and products which focus on the interaction between the criminal justice system and people with disabilities.

  • Families Reimagining Inclusive Lives (FRIL)
    Working to educate, inform, and empower parents of young children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to embrace inclusive options and give them practical tools to achieve inclusive lives.

  • Leadership Development:
    Competence and Confidence Partners in Policymaking – C2P2

    Training for parents of children/young adults living with intellectual disabilities and/or autism and adults living with intellectual disabilities and/or autism, providing up-to-date information, leadership training, and skill building.

  • Leadership Development:
    Families First

    Empowerment training on the basics of early intervention—teaching about early intervention system, meeting with other families, becoming an equal member in your child's Individual Education Plan.

  • Technical Assistance

    Providing technical assistance at the local, state, and international levels to individuals, agencies, and government entities, focusing on increasing the independent productivity and inclusion of all people with developmental disabilities.

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