For 50 years, the Institute on Disabilities has committed to inclusive and innovative research. We partner with disabled people, families, service providers, researchers, and policymakers across every phase of research.

Evidence-Based Research

We conduct evidence-based, qualitative and quantitative research on the issues that matter most to disabled people and have the greatest impact on lives. We identify and address gaps in understanding, raise up lived experience and challenge ableism, racism, and other systemic oppression. We evaluate the efficacy of current service models and best practices.  

We ensure accessible information reaches the communities and policymakers who need to know.

About our language choices

Our Major Research Program Areas

  • Deinstitutionalization from Pennhurst to Hamburg
  • Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Transition and Employment
  • Migration

About Our Language Choices

We recognize that language has profound political power and material consequences in people’s everyday lives. Read more below:

Contact: Please email or call Eva Weiss at 215-204-7177 with any questions or concerns.