A public health emergency is an event or situation that puts many people at risk of illness or injury. These emergencies can hurt people physically or emotionally. Examples of public health emergencies include disease outbreaks, like COVID-19, natural disasters and severe weather, like hurricanes or blizzards, and even social crises, like racism in the United States.


Emergency Preparedness

It is important to be prepared for future public health emergencies and other personal emergency situations.

COVID-19 Projects, Research, and Resources

People with disabilities have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Institute on Disabilities and our partners are working together to address the specific needs of our community during the pandemic. 


Covid-19 Health Disparities Project

This project addresses COVID-19 related health disparities and advances health equity by expanding resources, services, and support for underserved Pennsylvanians. Our work is focused on:

  • Increasing access to technology and internet connectivity
  • Improving health communications
  • Reducing social isolation and loneliness

This project is being carried out by the Inclusive Health Equity Collaborative (IHEC), a unique partnership of experts in disability, aging, and serious mental illness. This Collaborative brings together the Institute on Disabilities, TechOWL, the Center for Self Determination, Self-Direction and Self-Care (CS3), the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion, and the REACH Lab to promote health equity during the pandemic and improve the everyday health and wellbeing of our communities.


Pandemic Impact Research Study

This research project examines the impact of the pandemic on the lives of older adults and people with developmental and physical disabilities living in their communities. We are currently interviewing community members.

This project is funded by the Catalytic Collaborative Funding Initiative, administered by Temple’s Office of the Vice President for Research.


Vaccine Access Tool

This is a checklist of considerations for promoting physical accessibility and effective communication at vaccination and testing locations. It was developed in partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.