Pennsylvania's AT Act Program: TechOWL

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TechOWL PA is Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Act (AT Act) program. The AT Act of 2004 specifies the statewide activities required of programs receiving funds under Section 4 of the AT Act. These include four “state level” activities designed to help people with disabilities, their families, service providers and others access and acquire assistive technology devices:

  • Device Demonstration
  • Device Lending
  • State Financing
  • Device Reuse

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Phone: 800-204-7428


Augmentative and Alternative Communication

AAC is any form of communication other than spoken/oral language. People with disability may have complex communication needs. There are many disabilities that may affect a person's ability to communicate.

AAC Community, maintained by TechOWL, is a website for and about people who communicate without speaking.