Everyone deserves the opportunity to build relationships and explore their own sexuality and gender. We aim to support Pennsylvanians with disabilities by increasing access to quality information and resources on healthy relationships, sexuality, gender, and sexual health. We uplift the experiences, voices, and expertise of self-advocates.

Black woman and her adult son with Down Syndrome sit close together outdoors, smiling

We believe sexuality education is critical to increasing safety, connection, and the ability to thrive in relationships and communities. We also provide support to caretakers, family members, and providers by disseminating tools and resources, tailored trainings, and hosting statewide network meetings to share information and strengthen services across Pennsylvania.

If you want to learn more about the sexuality and disability trainer network, contact nova.mcgiffert@temple.edu.


We provide trainings to individuals, organizations, and groups by request. Our trainings are tailored to the specific audience, including Self-Advocates, family members, caretakers, staff, and providers. Trainings can be offered one-on-one or in small or large group sessions. Click to learn more about the topics we cover and access resources.

Current Areas of Focus

For more information or to request a training or resources, please contact nova.mcgiffert@temple.edu.


More Information

For more information or to request a training or resources, please contact: nova.mcgiffert@temple.edu.