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Recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015.

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Helen has worked at KenCrest for 2 years.

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Helen from KenCrest Services
Helen smiles.
Helen with her interviewer Evie

LIVES LIVED APART interview with Helen recorded April 22, 2015

Helen with her interviewer Evie

PICTURED: Helen's interviewer, Evie

Evie: And then I press record but you don't have to think about that much.

Helen: OK.

Evie: So my name is Evie and I'm interviewing Helen. We're at KenCrest and Marjorie is in the room with us and today is April 22nd, 2015. So if you want to start I can either tell you about my memento or...

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: You want to know a little bit about me? So I'm a graduate student at Swarthmore College and I'm getting my Masters in social work and I brought with me today a ticket from a Phillies game. It was from one of the playoff games and me and my family like to go to the Phillies games a lot. I've grown up my whole life in Philadelphia and so we're big sports fan and the Phillies is one of our favorite teams so it was a very exciting game and we were all there together. It was me, my mom, my dad, and my sister so it was a very special memory so I saved the ticket and I thought I would share it with you today. So... have you ever been... are you a big sports fan as well?

Helen: Me? No.

Evie: OK. What are some of the things you like?

Helen: Walking dogs and going horseback riding and stuff.

Evie: Great so you're an... excuse me, animal lover?

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: Great.

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: Do you have any pets now?

Helen: Yes.

Evie: What do you have?

Helen: Three dogs now.

Evie: Wow.

Helen: And a new puppy now and the two: Brea and Kiki and the new puppies name is Cindy.

Evie: Oh cute. What kind of dogs are they?

Helen: I don't know.

Evie: That's OK. Are they big dogs or little dogs?

Helen: Big ones.

Evie: Oh wow. So do you like walking the dogs?

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: Great and is it just you taking care of them? Does anyone help you?

Helen: No, me do it.

Evie: Wow. Great. So they must keep you pretty busy.

Helen: Yeah, yeah.

Evie: Great and I know you're part of the program here today because you work here?

Helen: We need to lock it have people not come walk in here during.

Evie: You'd rather be here on your own and be able to tell your story?

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: Great. So as part of your... you work in the program here at KenCrest.

Helen: Mm-hm.

Evie: Great, what types of things do you do?

Helen: Do housekeeping stuff like clean stuff and stuff, yeah.

Evie: OK and do you work here or do you go out into the community as well?

Helen: They stay here. They do boxes, yeah.

Evie: OK great and do you like that work?

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: What's sort of been your experience here at KenCrest?

Helen: They allow work group too, yeah.

Evie: OK. And has it been a positive experience for you?

Helen: Yeah.

Evie: OK great and are you from this area? Did you grow up here?

Helen: I don't know.

Evie: OK. Where are you from?

Helen: My mom... my two moms. One mom passed away and I have one mom now.

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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