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Recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015.

About Mike

Mike has worked at KenCrest for 24 years.

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Mike from KenCrest Services with his interviewer
Mike takes his own photo with a remote control.
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Mike flexes a muscle
Mike takes his own photo while lying on the floor

LIVES LIVED APART interview with Mike recorded April 23, 2015

PHOTO of Mike with his interviewer Ben

Ben: I'm done. So should we begin?

Staff: Yeah, whatever you want.

Ben: Alright so where were you born?

Mike: I was born in 68 February 8th.

Ben: But where?

Mike: My birthday is February 8th.

Ben: No but where were you born? Where are you from?

Mike: (Inaudible) in a house, a group home with two staff. Chuck and me. I want to tell you something, OK? (Inaudible) My sugar is low. OK? Yesterday my sugar is low. I got a 58. It jumped down and low. I have to watch my sugar.

Ben: Yeah.

Mike: And I will tell you about that. I passed out. Last week...

Ben: You passed out?

Mike: Yeah, last week in my room. This is my neck. I was stuck in my bed. I couldn't move.

Ben: Yeah, that's not good.

Mike: Here, I will show you. I got this.

Ben: Oh you got the bracelet?

Mike: And my neck. I will get this off me.

Ben: Yeah.

Mike: Look at it.

Ben: OK, it has all the information then. Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, it does.

Ben: It says you're diabetic. Do you have any major problems with that?

Mike: Let's see. My sugar yesterday. The staff should have gave me my sugar. It was low. Yesterday I got (inaudible) and my orange juice. It made my sugar go down.

Ben: OK.

Mike: (Inaudible) I've got to watch my sugar.

Ben: Yeah.

Mike: This is down. This is up, I've got to watch my sugar.

Ben: You've got to keep it on track?

Mike: Yeah?

Ben: How was school like for you growing up?

Mike: What did you say?

Ben: What was school like for you?

Mike: Oh.

Ben: Did you like school?

Mike: I was in school a long time ago. I was there. I was with my staff. (Inaudible). We go out and see my school in there. They miss me. I miss my school. I had fun there. I got school in my phone with me now.

Ben: Oh really?

Mike: I got school here.

Ben: You have school in there?

Mike: In my phone, yes. It's in there now.

Ben: That's cool.

Mike: Yeah. I got () in there, college in there. Anything, it works. (Inaudible). I do his. He know me. My mom and dad, they died and my family. My brother Joe; you don't know my brother. He died too. He was cooking.

Ben: I'm sorry.

Mike: He burned himself. He burned cooking. He burned. He died and my sister. You don't know my sister. She died. They all died on me.

Ben: That must be tough.

Mike: Yeah.

Ben: So I saw your job. Do you like your job?

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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