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Recorded at Selinsgrove Center April 2015.

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Jennifer has lived at Selinsgrove Center for 8 years.

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Jennifer from Selinsgrove Center
Jennifer writes on a chalkboard.
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Lives Lived Apart Interview with Jennifer Recorded April 11, 2015

PHOTO of Jennifer with her interviewer Liz

PICTURED ABOVE: Jennifer with her interviewer Liz

Liz: Oh you prepared? Thank you for that. That's great. Some people were here yesterday talking about today? I'm so happy to be here because I grew up really close to here like 15 minutes away from Selinsgrove. So what do you have there, Jenn?

Jennifer: Do you want to see it?

Liz: Yeah! Oh wow! Can I hold it? You hold it? Great. So can you tell me about these dogs? What else do you have?

Staff: Oh the writing?

Liz: Those are their names? Gabriel...

Jennifer: The name is on the back.

Liz: Uh-huh.

Staff: Sure.

Liz: What's that?

Staff: Want me to put those back on your clipboard?

Jennifer: (inaudible) What the names, this is the names.

Liz: Mm-hm. Those are some beautiful dogs. These are my favorite things, favorite tree: pineapple tree or apple tree. You like apples, Jenn?

Jennifer: Mm-hm.

Liz: Yeah? Do you like red apples or green apples?

Jennifer: Applesauce.

Liz: Applesauce. Then you don't know what color it is anymore. Have you ever picked apples at an apple orchard?

Jennifer: What time will we be done?

Liz: It will probably be like ten minutes, 15 minutes.

Jennifer: I don't know. What time am I going to get my picture taken?

Liz: Well maybe a little before two o'clock.

Jennifer: And that's it?

Liz: Yeah. Do you like having your picture taken?

Jennifer: Mm-hm.

Liz: Yeah? You have a big smile. I was noticing your pink nails like my red nails. Do you always paint your nails?

Jennifer: I always paint my nails when I'm appropriate.

Liz: When appropriate?

Jennifer: When appropriate and not... sometimes...

Liz: Mm-hm.

Jennifer: (inaudible).

Staff: What do we always say? Squat right?

Liz: Squat.

Jennifer: Squat means nothing. I get nothing because ... this is my best year yet.

Liz: This is your best behavior year yet? Well congratulations!

Jennifer: Best year yet, this is my best year yet.

Staff: You're right.

Liz: So you have your nails painted a lot because it's a good year.

Jennifer: Uh-huh.

Staff: Tell her what matches your fingernails right now.

Jennifer: Toenails.

Liz: Your toenails too?

Jennifer: I got this done and that done.

Liz: Yeah. Jenn, do you always do pink nails?

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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