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Recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015.

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Jimmy has worked at KenCrest for 6 years.

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Jimmy from KenCrest Services takes his own photo with a remote control.
Jimmy sits on a patio table.
Jimmy sits at desk
Lisa and Jimmy

LIVES LIVED APART interview with Jimmy recorded April 23, 2015

PHOTO of Jimmy's interviewer Beth

BETH'S COMMENTS:  "I don't know that [Jimmy] wanted to talk, but he wanted to be present with people and I think so many of the people we met wanted to be present with people. They're cut off so much from people, they're cut off so much from just the things that we all take for granted every day—getting up and not having a routine, or having a routine that involves lots of different things. And I, keep thinking about that, like, how can we do that better? How can we treat these people with more humanity and with more compassion and intellectual stimulation... all the things that we get all the time that we don't even really think about?"

Beth: OK, this is Beth and I am interviewing Jimmy at KenCrest. It's April 23rd and Lisa is in the room and your name is?

Kristy: Kristy.

Beth: And Kristy is in the room as well. So Jimmy you're looking at your pictures here and you really like to look at pictures so tell me a little bit about your family here. You said this was at a wedding.

Jimmy: Yes.

Beth: So can you tell me about your brothers and your sister?

Jimmy: They're at school right now.

Beth: They're at school right now. Where are they in school?

Jimmy: One goes to Bishop and one goes to (inaudible).

Beth: OK and one lives at home with you or?

Jimmy: I have two sisters.

Beth: You have two sisters?

Jimmy: And one brother.

Beth: Uh-huh and you live with them or?

Jimmy: I live with my mom and dad.

Beth: You live with your mom and dad? Do your brothers and sisters live with you at home?

Jimmy: Yes.

Beth: Yeah? OK. Tell me about this picture with Anita.

Jimmy: That's going to my meeting here.

Beth: You met here?

Jimmy: Going to my meeting.

Beth: Going to your meeting here? OK. And you've known Anita for a little while, a few months? Yeah?

Jimmy: Over a year.

Beth: Over a year, OK. So tell me about the work you do here.

Jimmy: I do..

Beth: I got to see the place you work. What do you do here?

Jimmy: Contract work.

Bet: Contract work, what do you do for that work?

Jimmy: I put the lids in the boxes.

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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