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Recorded at Selinsgrove Services April 2015.

About Norma Jean

Norma Jean has lived at Selinsgrove Center for 24 years.

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Norma Jean from Selinsgrove Center
Norma Jean wears a posh hat while posing with Nichole
Norma Jean
Norma Jean with Nichole
Norma Jean
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Norma Jean with Lisa
Norma Jean and Nichole take a photo with remote control
Norma Jean and Nichole raise their arms in unison
Norma Jean sits in a van

LIVES LIVED APART interview with Norma Jean recorded April 11, 2015

PHOTO of Norma with her interviewer Nichole

PICTURED: Norma Jean with her interviewer, Nichole

Nichole: My name is Nichole Canuso and I'm interviewing Norma Jean at Selinsgrove on April 11th, 2015. So, Norma, I was looking at your movies here. We're in your room and I was looking at your movies and I noticed there's a lot of movies about horses. Right? And you said you love horses. Have you always loved horses? Is there a color horse you like more?

Staff: What color horse do you like?

Norma: Mm?

Staff: What color horses do you like? What color horses do you like?

Norma: Any kind of horses.

Nichole: Any kind of horses? Have you ever seen a horse live? A real one? Yeah? When? A long time ago or recently? Bloomsburg Fair? Is that close or far? How do you get there? How do you get to the Bloomsburg Fair? The Bloomsburg Fair. You remember? Do you drive or a bus?

Staff: How do you get to the fair? Do we ride a bus?

Norma: No.

Staff: Do you drive? Do we ride in a bus?

Norma: Yeah.

Nichole: Who do you go to the fair with? Does Trist go? Norma, I really like hearing about the fair and the horses. What else happens at the fair? What other movies do you have here?

Norma: I have movies.

Nichole: A lot. Do you have a favorite?

Staff: What your favorite movie?

Norma: I got Shirley Temple.

Nichole: Ah, Shirley Temple. Have you seen a lot of Shirley Temple movies? Do you want me to look? Can I look?

Norma: Becky knows.

Nichole: Becky knows? She puts it on for you?

Staff: She goes to Becky's place.

Norma: Yeah, Becky.

Staff: That's our program. She goes everyday Monday through Friday.

Nichole: Every day you go and you get to watch movies? What time do you go to Becky's?

Norma: 1:30.

Nichole: 1:30?

Norma: Yeah.

Staff: And they watch movies, interactive movies, over there.

Nichole: So when you watch a movie what is your favorite thing about watching a movie? Is it the music or something else?

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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