PHOTO of Betty

Recorded at KenCrest Services June 2015.

About Betty

Betty has worked at KenCrest for 6 years.

Interview Highlights

Interview at KenCrest Services by Katie Newhouse, recorded June 19, 2015

PHOTO of Betty's interviewer Katie

PICTURED: Betty's interviewer, Katie

Betty: Betty.

Katie: at KenCrest on June 19th and Lisa is also here with us and I think our levels are good? Yeah? Will you introduce yourself one more time so we can make sure...

Betty: Hi my name is Betty.

Katie: Perfect.

Betty: Nice to meet you.

Katie: It's nice to meet you too and I like that you're wearing pink on your shirt and I have pink shoes on so I like pink. So I was going to ask you first a little about anything you remember from - I was going to ask you to tell me about when you were younger, anything you remember from being a little girl or younger girl?

Betty: I didn't like going to school when I was younger and I got upset a lot but as I've gotten older I got through it just like that.

Katie: So can you tell me one memory from school or one thing that made school difficult?

Betty: I would throw things, scream and holler, bang my head.

Katie: How old were you when you moved to Pennhurst?

Betty: I don't know how old I was. I know when I left I was eight years old and I also went to Children's Seashore House because my dad came up to take me home so I've been in two places.

Katie: Mm.

Lisa: Can I just ask one question? Can you tell me where you were born and where you grew up?

Betty: St. Christopher's Hospital, I think.

Lisa: And where is that?

Betty: I believe that's in Philadelphia and while I was there they did surgery on my leg so I couldn't crawl on the floor and now I hate it because I can't do what I want to do and my mom and dad used to - my dad used to walk up and down the steps with me holding onto a banister. I don't do any of that anymore so that's hard for me and my mom's gone and my dad's gone. They passed away.

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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