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Recorded at KenCrest Services April 2015.

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Justin has worked at KenCrest for 12 years.

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Justin from KenCrest Services
Justin gets ready to shoot a basket.
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Justin smiles
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LIVES LIVED APART Interview with Justin Recorded April 22, 2015

PHOTO of Justin's interviewers

JESS'S COMMENTS:  "My participation in Here. has definitely changed my thinking about the meaning of 'work' and employment. Throughout our conversation, Justin talked extensively about the work he does at the center as well as his desire to work in a library. Reflecting on this conversation has prompted me to think carefully about the significance of financial compensation, sense of fulfillment, and community participation in relation to work."

Jess: OK. So it's April 22nd, 2015. We're at KenCrest. My name is Jess Livo. What's your name? Do you want to share it?

Justin: Justin.

Jess: Justin.

Justin: Yeah. Let me use a pen so I can write that down.

Staff: What do you want to write down, Justin?

Justin: If you have a pen let me hold on to it.

Staff: I don't actually and you know what, Justin, I actually think the clicking might... it's better if we're not making the clicking sound.

Justin: Oh yeah, that's true too.

Nikki: So my name is Nikki (inaudible).

Justin: Nikki... You're the one that rides a train.

Nikki: I did, yeah.

Justin: That's what I said.

Jess: You did say that.

Nikki: OK, great.

Jess: So, is there an activity that we're getting started with?

Staff: Yeah.

Jess: We just share it? I didn't know if there was a protocol. OK. Did you bring something that you wanted to share with me today?

Justin: Just my coin collection.

Jess: Did you bring it with you?

Justin: No, I forgot.

Jess: Well how about we could talk about this magazine?

Justin: Oh yeah.

Jess: Do you want to tell me a little bit about that?

Justin: This is a fire truck right here. This is red firetruck from the fire house.

Jess: Yeah and why is that important to you? Why did you bring that in?

Justin: Because it's better for me to read it because I get bored. I get bored (Inaudible).

Jess: And when do you read this?

Justin: At home, I think. In my room, I think.

Jess: Do you want to see what I brought to share with you?

Justin: Yeah, yeah.

Jess: OK. Mine is just a short story. This is a picture of me and my grandpa. He was reading me a book, the Lion King book.

Justin: Wow.

Jess: Yeah and I really like to read so that picture...

Justin: Give me a copy of this one.

Jess: You want a copy?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: Alright, we'll look into it. That one is my copy.

Justin: You got a copy of this one?

Jess: I'll look into it.

Justin: This is nice.

Jess: Thank you. Thanks for letting me share that. Do you mind if we start talking about you a little bit?

Justin: Go ahead, yeah.

Jess: Yeah, if that's OK. So how long have you been working here at KenCrest?

Justin: Like for... I don't have the slightest idea but I just work here for like a week.

Jess: You've been working here a week?

Justin: Yeah.

Jess: You work here doing the week?

Justin: During the day, yeah.

Jess: Yeah, yeah.

Justin: During the day and then we get home about 3:30 and that's about it.

Jess: And what do you do during the day when you're here?

Justin: Work. Vacuum the floors and everything.

Jess: So what would a typical day be like?

Justin: I don't have the slightest idea.

Jess: That's OK.

Justin: I really don't.

Jess: What do you like about being here?

Justin: Basketball.

Photos by JJ Tiziou

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