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crayon drawing of a tree, its trunk a traced hand, signed by Ling

Interview conducted in 2020

Jin-Yun is a single mother of Ling, a kindergartner. Ling is on the Autism spectrum.

English | 畅所欲言 (Mandarin)

Jin-Yun's Story: English


Where do you spend the majority of your time and whom do you spend it with? How are you coping with being confined? What are the challenges?


When my daughter Ling was diagnosed with Autism at age 3, it felt like my world was spiraling down. Ling's father and I couldn't come to terms with this reality; I was left with neither family support nor financial means. My daughter and I moved in with relatives. They kindly provided us with a room in a very small house with one bathroom to share between three adults and two children. I was not able to work since my daughter required my full-time care. I was all she had, and she was my world.

The following years were difficult but productive. With the help of good friends and therapists, my daughter gradually grew from a little creature of fears into a happy and healthy little girl. She enrolled in a pre-school for Autism and I was able to work part-time. But on the home front, things continue to be challenging. When COVID hit and schools closed, adults lost jobs and were stressed out about finances. We were all stuck at home and Ling and her little cousin were in constant conflicts, to the point that the cousin would lock herself in the one room she shared with her parents to avoid Ling. Being on the spectrum, Ling lacked the abilities to regulate her emotions and understand the consequences of her actions. She felt hurt and angry. The tension between adults grew and we felt no longer welcome. It is simply too much to ask of other people's infinite patience and understanding. Before the lockdown, I used to take Ling out to parks or visiting friends as much as I could, just to give my relatives some family space. Now we could no longer do that.

Jin-Yun's Story: 畅所欲言 (Mandarin)





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