The photographs in this collection feature Pennsylvanians with disabilities who use HCBS — Home and Community-Based Services — to live the life they choose. HCBS provides supports and services that empower a person to live in the community of their choice rather than a nursing home, state intellectual disability center, or other congregate care setting.

Mark - Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Mark, smiling determinedly from his wheelchair with attached head switch

Mark is a vocal advocate for disability justice and intersectionality, well-known in and around the Pittsburgh area as a motivational speaker and energetic presenter.

Mark outdoors with his assistant, he has some blue dye in his dark hair and an AAC device on his wheelchair

As an augmentative and alternative communication device user, Mark relies on the home support professionals not only to help with his daily living needs, but as technical support as well.

Mark and his assistants work together to keep his communication device in good working order so he can

  • complete his paid speaking engagements,
  • meet with friends and family,
  • and engage his many followers on social media.

Mark outdoors laughing with his assistant

Close-up of Mark outdoors wearing a rainbow face mask with his AAC device in view and a tall building beyond

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