We Will Talk About These Days

In March of 2020, much of Philadelphia shut down in response to COVID-19. Among the most vulnerable to the effects of the virus are people with disabilities.

We Will Talk About These Days is collection of interviews about living with disability while navigating a pandemic.

ASL Introduction

Interviewees include an ASL interpreter charged with communicating health and safety information to the Deaf community; an artist with Down Syndrome unable to work in her studio; a young woman hoping to leave an institution for a new life in the community; an essential worker weighing the risk and rewards of his work; and immigrants in search of better lives for their children with disabilities. The stories they tell contrast systemic inequities with moments of hope—even joy.

Picture of Asende


"I also do get overwhelmed by stressful thoughts!"

Asende's story
Picture of Mary Bevlock

Mary Bevlock

"I get upset all the time. I get upset about the virus."

Mary's story
Picture of Diane Bishop

Diane Bishop

"The mask keeps slipping off and pulling out the hearing aids."

Diane's story
Picture of Becky Bradbeer

Becky Bradbeer

"...there's been a lot of time to soul search."

Becky's story
Picture of Rebecca Bricklin

Rebecca Bricklin

"I miss hugging people. I'm a hugger."

Rebecca's story
Picture of Tracy Chen

Tracy Chen

"I didn't see my parents and brothers for almost five months!"

Tracy's story
Picture of Nate and Priscilla Conley

Nate and Priscilla Conley

"I have definitely seen a huge difference..."

Nate and Priscilla's story
Picture of Robert Evans

Robert Evans

"Covid said, Not this year, Bobby."

Robert's story
Picture of Dynah Haubert

Dynah Haubert

"...an awesome way to build community and build disability power..."

Dynah's story
Picture of Jin Yun

Jin Yun

"I have learned that strength always comes at the right time..."

Jin Yun's story
Picture of Vicki Landers

Vicki Landers

"We've adapted. You have no choice."

Vicki's story
Picture of Mansoureh


"These days will pass. They will be memories."

Mansoureh's story
Picture of Isaac Merz

Isaac Merz

"Being an essential worker, the demands..."

Isaac's story
Picture of Ming Ting

Ming Ting

"...we never quite feel a part of the mainstream."

Ming Ting's story
Picture of Kevin Mundey

Kevin Mundey

"It's not equal access in terms of technology."

Kevin's story
Picture of Timothy O'Donovan

Timothy O'Donovan

"I do not know what my future looks like right now."

Timothy's story
Picture of Haley Shiber

Haley Shiber

"I have had to decrease my care staff..."

Haley's story
Picture of Debi Shostak

Debi Shostak

"I hope this will teach us to be better humans."

Debi's story
Picture of Garrett Zuercher

Garrett Zuercher

"...with masks, I don't know if people are talking with me."

Garrett's story

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