#visionariesaremade - Father's Day 2017 / page 5

June 2017

Visionaries are not born; they're made.

What makes someone a visionary? Perhaps it's the ability to see possibility where others do not.

Eugene and Joshua

Studio photo of Eugene and Joshua
Photo by Cecilia and Jacob Lee

Eugene: Josh is sometimes complicated, but he's very easy going. He loves music of all types. He likes being around people. Josh is open to just about everything. He loves to learn, he's about learning. He's a momma's boy. He's "Mommmy, Mommy, Mommy". He'd rather have her around, but we get along very well.

You have to pay a little more attention to what they do or want to do. You definitely have to support them.

It's a fabulous experience. I love him to death. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him any time. I love him to death. You have to let them be themselves. He's really grown and shown that he can be independent if we allow him to be, so we try to do that to the best of ability.

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