#visionariesaremade - Father's Day 2017 / page 4

June 2017

Visionaries are not born; they're made.

What makes someone a visionary? Perhaps it's the ability to see possibility where others do not.

Kevork and Gregory

Studio photo of Kevork and Gregory
Photo by Cecilia and Jacob Lee

Kevork: Gregory's precious. He's something special.

He wants to communicate. He talks - not much. But with the people he wants to be bubbly. He never gives us any problems. Anything we ask him, he does for us.

He has a problem; we can't help that much. We try. That's the way it is in life. You never know what life's going to be.

We are really happy with him. He makes the family complete. We're happy with him, he's happy with us.

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