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June 2017

Visionaries are not born; they're made.

What makes someone a visionary? Perhaps it's the ability to see possibility where others do not.

Bill and William

Studio photo of Bill and William
Photo by Cecilia and Jacob Lee

Bill: William is an amazing artist! William makes quilts, pillows. He makes handbags, jewelry. Art opened him up for us; once he had art he opened up to who he is and what he wants to do.

He's a self-advocate. He works for Self Advocates United As 1. He helps train people to get better services.

It gets better as they get older. In the beginning, people are a little frustrated about the development delays. Sometimes it takes a toll on parents. It would be good for [new parents] to have someone tell them that. First thing I ask parents is "how are you?".

If the right services are in place it gets better. For regular people - in the first five years you experience 'firsts'. But with a child with a disability you experience 'firsts' forever. And that's a joy. You have to stay focused, because we don't have the luxury of missing anything.

Fathers need different encouragement, because the percentage of fathers I see are 2%, 3%. Early on, they bail. I don't know why; it never crossed my mind to bail. It made me step up.

I'm so proud of William's accomplishments and advancements, and I brag about it every time I see him.

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