#visionariesaremade - Mother's Day 2017 / page 9

May 2017

Visionaries are not born; they're made.

What makes someone a visionary? Perhaps it's the ability to see possibility where others do not.

Sheryl and Chaim

Studio photo of Sheryl and Chaim
Photo by Cecilia and Jacob Lee

Sheryl: I've been called an "inclusionist," but I really believe that everyone has the right to be included in whatever environment they choose. No one should be discriminated against; no one is better than anyone else.

When you have a child with disability, you should still have a vision. Just like with a typical child; there is a path they can develop. Chaim's day is filled with enriching learning opportunities and the only way a child can grow is to have choice and opportunities and be self-assured. Chaim sees himself as one of the group, just like everybody else. Anything he puts his mind to he can succeed at.

Chaim: Mommy is happy, excited and friendly. My dog is nice, he's friendly. He's very old. He is 16 and his name is Sammy. I give him treats everyday.

Sheryl: Do I take care of you?

Chaim: Yeah!

Sheryl: And we're buddies. And that's it.

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