#visionariesaremade - Mother's Day 2017 / page 6

May 2017

Visionaries are not born; they're made.

What makes someone a visionary? Perhaps it's the ability to see possibility where others do not.

Liz, Elias and Toni Marie

Studio photo of Liz Downs, Elias and Toni Marie
Photo by Cecilia and Jacob Lee

Liz: (on son Elias) Elias has an intangible spirit. It drives me to be a better mom and a better person every day. He shows me that anything is possible. He is and always has been my sunshine. When I do things wrong as a mom he looks beyond that and loves me anyway. His unconditional love makes me a better mom.

Being a mom of a child with a disability teaches you patience. It gives you strength; it empowers you. I feel like a supermom because I've had to take so many extra steps and different routes to advocate and make sure my son gets all he needs and deserves on a daily, consistent basis. It makes me feel super - it makes me feel stronger. I feel like a super mom. And [Elias] tells me that; he tells me I'm like superwoman.

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