New Videos from the Institute

September 2015

PHOTO: Person encountering a person who uses a device

The Institute has released four new videos designed for law enforcement professionals and first responders.

Disabilities and the Criminal Justice System: Best Practices for Law Enforcement and Corrections (Two versions) illustrates best practices for law enforcement when encountering a person with significant speech disabilities, and for corrections on developing appropriate discharge planning for inmates with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This video is available both with captions and with audio description for people who are blind, low vision or who are otherwise visually impaired.

Communicating with Victims and Suspects: Significant Speech Disabilities is a short, "roll-call" video presenting what to do when an officer encounters a victim or suspect with significant speech disabilities.

Working Together: People with Disabilities and Law Enforcement presents an example of a promising practice of law enforcement, community groups, and individuals with disabilities working and learning together to promote safety. All videos are available on the Institute's YouTube channel: IOD TempleU.

More information and access to the Institute's YouTube channel is available in the Criminal Justice section of the Institute website.

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