Institute and Staff Member Honored

June 2015

PHOTO: Sandi McNally accepts outstanding employer commendation
In photo: Sandi McNally accepts Outstanding Employer commendation from PA State Senator Thomas J. McGarrigle in Harrisburg

The Institute on Disabilities was awarded a commendation this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services and the Advisory Committee for the Blind of Pennsylvania as an "Outstanding Employer of an Employee with a Visual Impairment." Accepting the honor was Sandi McNally, Assistant Director, Community Services who said of the award, "This commendation is an acknowledgement that the Institute on Disabilities is furthering its vision to promote a society where all people are valued and respected, and where all people have the knowledge, opportunity and power to improve their lives and the lives of others. We are grateful to to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services for this honor and hope that other employers are inspired to employ the best qualified people, irrespective of a disability."

Project Coordinator at the Institute Jule Ann Lieberman was also recognized as "Outstanding Employee with a Visual Impairment." Pennsylvania State Senator Thomas J. McGarrigle, 26th District, presented Jule Ann with her commendation. In her work at the Institute, Jule Ann provides information and assistance to consumers throughout the Commonwealth. She also conducts demonstrations of assistive technology devices and participates in a variety of events to promote public awareness of assistive technology.

PHOTO: Jule Ann Lieberman receives commendation from PA State Senator Thomas J. McGarrigle
In photo: Jule Ann Lieberman receiving Outstanding Employee commendation from PA State Senator Thomas J. McGarrigle in Harrisburg

Jule Ann says that she was very honored by the commendation. "It is my sincere hope that there are more nominations for this award next year! That will mean that more people with vision loss are working in competitive employment. When employers offer all people, regardless of disability, a chance to join the workforce, it has a positive impact on our entire society."

The ceremony was held at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, PA on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

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