Inclusive Leadership in Action

November 2013

GRAPHIC: meeting led by self-advocateThe Institute on Disabilities at Temple University has recently launched a new program called "Inclusive Leadership in Action" designed to train community organizations to recruit and support individuals with disabilities to be contributing members of their decision-making boards.

Funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council, Inclusive Leadership in Action and along with partners Leadership Harrisburg, the Coro Center for Civic Leadership in Pittsburgh, JT Consulting Services, and Self-Advocates United as One, the Institute will develop and distribute resources, tools, materials and techniques with the goal of including individuals with disabilities on decision-making bodies of generic community organizations.

To bring about social change in the composition of these groups, the Inclusive Leadership in Action project will first recruit organizations with active, involved decision making groups or boards. Initially, the Institute along with its partners will identify, develop and disseminate educational materials to targeted community organizations to help demonstrate the intrinsic value of a diverse board. The project will then offer methods and resources on how to identify and recruit individuals with disabilities who are interested in being matched as potential candidates on committees and boards.

The project will also provide materials and tools to successfully include and accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities as contributing members of an organization's decision-making bodies.

An advisory committee comprised of individuals committed to sharing their skills and knowledge of the disability community, generic community organizations, leadership development and community board membership will help ensure the success of the project and offer valuable perspectives for the challenges facing today's community organizations.

For information about becoming a part of the Inclusive Leadership in Action project, either as an individual or organization, contact: Supriya Jost, project coordinator at 215-204-3861,

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