State Senator Kitchen Visits Institute for "Take Your Legislator to Work Day"

January 2013

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University welcomed Pennsylvania State Senator Shirley Kitchen as part of the "Take Your Legislator to Work Day" on January 24, 2013.

PHOTO: Michael McLendon with guest, State Sen. Shirley Kitchen
Michael McLendon with State Senator Shirley Kitchen. More photos below.

Senator Kitchen was here to meet Michael McLendon, a permanent part-time staff member at the Institute and an individual with a disability. A resident in Senator's District 3, Michael began his relationship with the Institute when St. John's Community Services, Michael's support organization, recommended him for the Academy for Adult Learning. During his time the Academy, Michael served an internship and was hired shortly after he completed the program.

George Kenney, assistant vice president, health sciences government affairs, at Temple University, escorted the Senator to the Institute offices where they met with the co-executive directors Celia Feinstein and Amy Goldman, as well as Nicole Buckley and Hilde Cobb from St. John's Community Services.

The Senator was very impressed by Michael and so moved by his story that she asked to visit an Academy class - to see where his path to employment began. The Academy students described how this Temple program helps them to become successful and productive citizens of our city.

Michael serves two functions at the Institute. During part of the week, he works in the office reception area, answering phones and greeting guests. He also works for the Institute's Assistive Technology program, Amy Goldman says. "Our program is making an effort to become 'green' and Michael has been doing a wonderful job scanning then shredding old paper records, forms, etc. He's been a great addition to our staff."

Celia Feinstein says that Senator Kitchen is very much aware of our work. "This meeting is the continuation of a long and productive working relationship with the Senator. We think that the her visit today helped connect her with the people being served by both the Institute and the Senator."

In May, the Institute will mark its 40th anniversary by celebrating people like Michael and Senator Kitchen, both of whom help the Institute achieve its vision of society where all people are valued and respected and have the opportunity improve their lives and the lives of others.

More Photos

PHOTO: Group at Temple U including Michael McLendon and State Senator Kitchen.
Front (left to right): Amy Goldman, Senator Shirley Kitchen, Celia Feinstein, Hilde Cobb. Back (left to right): George Kenney, Michael McLendon, Nicole Buckley.

PHOTO: Senator Kitchen visiting the Institute on Disabilities on Take Your Legislator to Work Day.
State Senator Kitchen visiting the Institute on Disabilities on Take Your Legislator to Work Day. Left to right: Senator Shirley Kitchen, Michael McLendon, Celia Feinstein, Amy Goldman.

PHOTO: Academy for Adult Learning seniors meet Senator Kitchen.
Academy for Adult Learning seniors introduce themselves and their program to State Senator Shirley Kitchen at Temple University.

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