Institute Calls for Nominees

January 2013
edited August 2017

GRAPHIC: silhouettes of a variety of peopleThe Institute on Disabilities at Temple University is seeking nominees for Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) members.

The Institute CAC serves as a liaison between the Institute and the community, with the goal for the members to promote and share the Institute's mission and help achieve the its vision.

Membership is diverse, comprised of people with developmental disabilities, family members, agency representatives and other stakeholders. The CAC provides vital input for the co-executive directors, though serving only in an advisory capacity without having any direct impact on fiscal or personnel decisions.

At the semi-annual meetings, the CAC will identify and explore new funding opportunities in keeping with the Institute's goals and vision. During the year, CAC members are asked to spread the word about Institute programs and to advocate for the improvement of state and federal laws, which help fulfill the mission of the Institute.

For more information, contact the Institute at 215-204-1123; email

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