Institute Completes Handbook for Teachers of Temple Courses

October 2012

PHOTO: colleagues at the Institute on Disabilities display new instructor handbooksPHOTO: From left to right, Project Coordinator and lecture contributor Ann Keefer, PhD; College of Education Associate Professor Julie Kessler, PhD; Co-Executive Director of the Institute, Amy Goldman; lecture contributor Beverly Frantz, PhD; Co-Executive Director of the Institute, Celia Feinstein.

Ensuring Higher Education Opportunities for ALL, a project of The Institute on Disabilities, has completed a handbook for instructors of Mosaic: The Humanities Seminars humanities courses (required for every incoming Freshmen and transfer students) being taught at Temple University. The handbook is the culmination of a three-year long project which featured a collaboration between Institute staff and Temple's humanities department, with the goal of including "Disability as Diversity" into the established course.

To accomplish this, Institute staff members along with Temple instructors across several disciplines, provided guest lectures to select Mosaic classes. The ultimate objective was to offer a roadmap for the Mosaic instructors to give the lectures themselves and for other instructors to have to tools to do the same.

The five-section handbook, now ready for distribution, is that roadmap. It contains videos of each of five lectures with topics ranging from Freud to DuBois, a lecture outline, activities list, lecture transcript and a list of other resources. Sets will be distributed to the collaborator instructors and several sets will be available to other Mosaic instructors upon request.

In the photograph, Institute staff involved with the Ensuring Higher Education For All project, review the final version of the handbook.

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