Institute Co-Executive Director Named to AUCD Board of Directors

October 2012

PHOTO: Celia FeinsteinCelia Feinstein, Co-Executive Director of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education, has been elected an At-Large Member of the 2012-2013 Association of University Center on Disabilities (AUCD) Board of Directors.

The Institute on Disabilities is Pennsylvania's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Research, Education and Service, one of the 67 across the country, works to forward AUCD's mission of advancing policy and practice for and with people with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and their communities.

Celia Feinstein, MA, who has been at the Institute for more than 30 years, will serve on the board with 17 other AUCD network representatives. Ms. Feinstein's responsibilities at the Institute, have spanned from evaluation and research to training and technical assistance as well as external projects with Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, culminating in her appointment as co-executive director on January 1, 2012. She has collaborated with many in the AUCD network on deinstitutionalization projects and waiting list issues as well as quality of life assessments. Ms. Feinstein has also participated in the Pennhurst Longitudinal Study, the National Core Indicators implementation and more recently the Self-Advocacy Summits.

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