Disability Studies Program Re-Launched

October 2012

GRAPHIC: U.S. flag with stars in shape of wheelchair, includes a young woman's face over the stripesThe Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education is re-launching its Disability Studies program in partnership with the College of Education at Temple University.

The program is detailed in the new section on the Institute's website: The section includes an overview of the program, a historical perspective on disability studies, course requirements and applications.

The field of Disability Studies examines disability from a social, cultural and historical perspective, rather than the medical and therapeutic conceptions of disability, where the focus of study is treatment and rehabilitation. Disability Studies scholars approach people with disabilities as a minority group with a unique cultural and historical tradition.

The Institute on Disabilities and the College of Education at Temple University offer the Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies program, which can be earned in conjunction with master's or doctoral coursework, or as a free standing course not associated with a graduate degree. Though not intended to provide professional certification, or instruction in direct service or clinical areas, students can complete the Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies as a professional credential signaling the importance of disability in their selected academic focus or professional field.

To learn more about Disability Studies and the Institute's Graduate Certificate Program, go to the section on our website: or email

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