Institute on Disabilities Co-Executive Director Guests on Radio Discussion Show

September 2012

Celia Feinstein, Co-Executive Director of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, was the guest on Voices in the Family, a weekly show on WHYY Public Radio in Philadelphia, hosted by Dr. Dan Gottlieb. Dr. Gottlieb is a family therapist in private practice. He is a nationally recognized lecturer in the field of mental health, and a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

During his show September 10th show, Dr. Gottlieb led a discussion about intellectual disabilities using, as its central topic, an upcoming stage performance of an Australian theater company featuring people at Philadelphia's Fringe Festival.

Ms. Feinstein presented intellectual disabilities from both a historic and sociological perspective. She also discussed practical information including finding resources, budget cuts, and the reality of justice among, and for, people with intellectual disabilities.

Lisa Sonneborn, coordinator of the Institute's Visionary Voices project, contributed to the discussion by introducing selections from the interviews featured on the project's website:

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