Unique Gen-Ed Course Offered

September 2012

The Institute on Disabilities and the College of Education now offers a compelling and challenging GenEd course called "Marginalized Citizenship: Disability and Sexuality" (GenEd: Human Behavior #0825). Developed by Dr. Beverly Frantz, Criminal Justice and Sexuality project coordinator at the Institute on Disabilities, and Dr. Julie Kessler, Associate Professor at the College of Education, this course explores the evolution of disability and sexuality and its relationship through the 21st century.

The course, now in its third semester, challenges students to think critically about the influence that cultural, religious and societal attitudes have on marginalized populations. Dr. Frantz says that the course will present questions that students might never have considered. "One of the most provocative questions we ask in the class is if our government ought to have the power to limit sexual activity for any particular group of people."

Dr. Kessler says that it is important for students to "understand the connection" between people with disabilities and sexuality. "Consider that marginalized populations are often sidelined from enjoying the rights, lifestyles and opportunities available to all Americans. This includes people with disabilities been seen as sexual beings."

The class, according to Dr. Frantz, will certainly discuss the impact of media on social mores. "In today's instant news environment, we will ask how headlines and information shared on social media legitimize fear and biases around disability and sexuality?

For more information about this course, contact Dr. Frantz ( or Dr. Kessler (

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