Institute awarded new grant to provide communication options for deaf-blind Pennsylvanians

July 2012

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education has been awarded $325,000 by the Federal Communications Commission in partnership with the Governmental Affairs Bureau, to be Pennsylvania's designated agency for iCanConnect, the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program.

The iCanConnect program will serve deaf-blind Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth to provide access to communication technology, including Internet options, in the home, school, office and community.

The Institute is one of 53 entities that have been named as "certified programs" authorized to distribute equipment in each of the 50 states during this two-year long pilot program.

In addition to distributing equipment to qualified residents, Pennsylvania's program will provide needs assessment, equipment delivery, installation, training and support. "It is a full service program for Pennsylvanians who are identified as deaf- blind," Amy Goldman, Co-Executive Director of the Institute. "Communication is an essential part of the human experience and this program will help provide communication options to these Pennsylvanians, perhaps for the first time."

The program will begin to serve the deaf-blind community in autumn of this year. For more information about Pennsylvania's iCanConnect, the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, keep checking the website of the Institute website for updates.

For more information about the national program, visit the website of the Federal Communications Commission:

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