Second Annual Conference—Beyond Inclusion Program Set for July 12-14 Event

June 2011

GRAPHIC: Beyond Inclusion 2011 LogoThe Institute on Disabilities at Temple University in collaboration with the College of Education is presenting the 2nd Annual Conference, Beyond Inclusion: Tools and Strategies for Including Diverse Learners.

The three-day event is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12 through Thursday, July 14, 2011 and is designed for professionals, administrators and teachers in Philadelphia schools and surrounding areas, school community members and parents.

This year's focus is on building relationships—with colleagues, students, administrators and parents. Experts and stakeholders in the inclusive education field will each approach the topic from his/her own perspective and will share tools and strategies to promote inclusive environments in various contexts.

The cost for the three day event is $350 per person. Or if you have a team of three or more, the cost per person is $280. Each day begins at 8:30 a.m. for registration and a continental breakfast in the Temple University Student Center, 1755 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

For information and to register: Or contact Julie Kessler, PhD at 215-204-1977; email

The speakers and presenters this year are an outstanding collection of professionals who bring years of real-life experience to share about critical topics for today's educators. Patrick Schwarz, PhD, professor at National-Louis University, Chicago will present "Promoting Meaningful Collaborative Relationships" which will include proven techniques to promote successful relationships in schools, classrooms, after-school settings and the community.

The second day of the conference will begin with a panel discussion "Establishing Life-Changing Relationships for ALL Students in Higher Education" lead by Kathy Miller, the Academy for Adult Learning Project Director, and featuring students and mentors from this Institute program who will discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships among students in higher education to not only encourage full inclusion but to enhance the experience of all students.

The next presenter will address the important issue of "Internet Safety and Cyber-bullying" focusing on prudent and safe use of the internet, offering tools and education for individuals to protect themselves online. The presenter will be Janene M. Holter, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Education and Outreach Program. The Parents Education Network in collaboration with PACER Center's National Bullying Prevention Center will present "Bullying Awareness and Prevention for Students with Disabilities" including the definition, perceptions, types of, and dynamics of bullying.

Finally, "Sexuality and Sex: Negotiating Between Perceptions and Reality" will be presented by Beverly Frantz, EdD, coordinator of the Criminal Justice and Sexual Health initiatives at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. This workshop will help participants understand the difference between sexuality and sex and how the participants' own life experience, education, and work responsibilities help shape their attitudes and influence their response to perceived or real sexual behavior of students.

On the final day of the conference, Therese Wilkomm, Director of the New Hampshire Statewide Assistive Technology Program, with the Institute on Disability will present "iPads - There's an App for That!" explore the many iPad, iTouch, and iPhone applications or "apps" that can benefit students with disabilities. These apps are organized by functional areas and activities and include apps for communication, voice recognition, vision and hearing, organization and memory, "fidget", creative expression, as well as access solutions addressing fine motor abilities. This session will demonstrate low-cost methods for mounting the iPad and iTouch to a desk, table, chair, or bed.

For information and to register:

Or contact Julie Kessler, PhD at 215-204-1977; email

Registration/payment deadline is July 11, 2011. Act 48 credits are available and the Institute can arrange FREE parking and SEPTA tokens if necessary.

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