Institute on Disabilities Releases "Convicted," Follow-up to "Under Arrest"

October 2010—Philadelphia, PA

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education has released "Convicted: Understanding What Happens after Conviction in the Criminal Justice System," a follow up to the well-received DVD "Under Arrest—Understanding the Criminal Justice System in Pennsylvania."

The first DVD and informational guide, "Under Arrest," followed the criminal justice process from arrest through incarceration. "Convicted" expands the understanding of the criminal justice system by providing additional information on bail, pre-sentence investigation and the probation and parole process.

Dr. Beverly Frantz, project director and criminal justice program manager at the Institute on Disabilities, says that the goal for both DVDs was to explain a complex and often confusing criminal justice system in a clear and concise format. "Many individuals, especially victims and offenders with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who come in contact with the criminal justice system are often overwhelmed by the legal terminology and complexity of the numerous court proceedings. The DVDs are straightforward, easy-to-follow and can be helpful for the individual involved in the criminal justice system, their family members, as well as educators, victim service providers, disability organization and other groups. The DVDs are paired with an informational guide, which walks the reader through the system, and includes a glossary of terms and lists of resources. Both DVDs and Informational Guides have been combined into one set. Dr. Frantz says the goal of the project was to provide information to help ensure individuals with disabilities and the people who support them, as well as the general public, receive equal justice. The "Under Arrest" and "Convicted" DVDs and Informational Guide is available to order for $30 from the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Order online at or email to request a copy. In addition, both the "Under Arrest" DVD and "Convicted" DVD are available for viewing on the website of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University.

The "Under Arrest" and "Convicted" DVDs/Information Guide project is funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

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