Sandi McNally
Sandra McNally

Sandra McNally, assistant director of assistive technology programs at the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, has been named the chair of Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's Advisory Council.

Through her work, McNally also oversees other funded statewide assistive technology activities, including Pennsylvania's Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP) and iCanConnectPA, the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program in Pennsylvania.

In 2018, Sandi became chair of the national Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program Association. She has been a member of PCA's Advisory Council since 2014 and is also currently a member of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Telecommunications Relay Service Advisory Board.

As the parent of two adults with disabilities, Sandi has first-hand knowledge of the impact assistive and generic technologies can have on people's lives.

Sandi's appointment was announced in the Spring PCA newsletter Updates. "We are pleased to have Sandra McNally chair PCA's Advisory Council," the article says. "Her personal and professional experience with the disability community will continue to be an asset to PCA in this leadership role."