Regional Resource Councils

You are using PDS every day, so YOU ARE THE EXPERT! You can make more people experts in PDS!

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Be Part of a Regional Resource Council.


What do you know about Person Directed Services (PDS)?

  • Do you have stories about your life using Person Directed Services (PDS)?
  • Do you want more people with disabilities to have choice and control in their lives?
  • Do you want to help make PDS better in Pennsylvania?


We need people who know about PDS who can:

  • Share what works well
  • Tell what isn't working well
  • Talk about what needs to work better
  • Work on ways to share information
  • Build trainings
  • Teach people


People who want to do these things can be part of a group called Regional Resource Councils. These councils will get support from the project staff to do this work through:

  • Meeting monthly by phone or webinar
  • In-person meetings about every three months
  • Listening to you about what you think your area, or region, needs
  • Helping you do the things you think your region, or area, needs
  • Training on what you think you and your region need
  • Talking about your ideas, and how they can be shared to make change


Do you have questions, or want to learn more?
Could you be a great Regional Resource Council member?

Jamie Ray-Leonetti at
Marian Saulino at


This project is being conducted by Temple University Institute on Disabilities and our partners Values Into Action, Pennsylvania Health Law Project, and Self-Advocates United as One (SAU1), and supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.


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