What is "HCBS" - Home and Community-Based Settings - HCBS Final Rule

The purpose of HCBS is to make sure people receive services alongside other people in the community and not in a separate, or segregated, place. Also, people who receive services must have the same opportunities as everyone in the community.

EVERYONE should be able to

  • Look for a job where they want to
  • Be a part of the community they want
  • Control their own money
  • Get the services and support they need, where they want it

You can submit feedback via email to RA-secretaryoffice@pa.gov by 5 p.m. on July 6, 2021.

If you want to know more about the HCBS Final Rule in Pennsylvania, read Pennsylvania's preliminary spending plan.

What is a public comment?

Before our government creates changes to HCBS, the idea for that change must be written down so that everyone can read about it. Every person has a chance to give their opinion about the idea using a public comment. People can say if they agree or disagree with the idea and why.

Who can make a public comment about HCBS?

Everyone can make public comments about HCBS: people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, support professionals, organizations, and other agencies, business owners, and stakeholders.

Why should you make a public comment on HCBS?

It is important that your voice is heard. Public comments allow people not who did not create the HCBS Final Rule give their points of view, using their knowledge and experience.

Your comments may

  • Help improve the quality of HCBS
  • Protect other people who are a part of HCBS
  • Allow for better understanding of HCBS and the needs of people who receive services

How do I make a public comment about HCBS?

A few things to think about when making a public comment in general, and for HCBS specifically:

  1. Be sure to fully understand the HCBS Final Rule. If you have any questions, talk to other advocates or e-mail the Institute on Disabilities at iod@temple.edu (subject line - HCBS).
  2. Be specific about which part of the HCBS you are commenting on.
  3. Try to keep your comments short.
  4. Use clear language.
  5. Carefully organize your comments before communicating them.
  6. Base your comments on common sense, scientific evidence, and personal experience.
  7. Suggest other options to meet the same goals as the suggested changes.