Self-Study Modules: Inclusive Emergency Planning for Emergency Planners

During a disaster or emergency situation, it has been observed that certain individuals, specifically those with access and functional needs and including those with disabilities, may require additional response assistance before, during, and after an incident. These additional considerations are important for implementing inclusive planning for the whole community, and have been mandated for inclusion in federal and state plans.

These training modules will introduce and connect you to available resources and inclusive strategies for integrating the access and functional needs of all individuals, including those with disabilities, into emergency preparedness, response, and recovery planning.

These self-study modules are supported by a grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council.

  • Module 1: Disability Language and Etiquette

    This module provides an overview of "people first" language and discusses the difference between the terms "access and functional needs" and "people with disabilities."
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  • Module 2: Disability 101

    This module provides an overview of disability awareness specifically addressing individuals who use mobility aids, those with sensory impairments, and individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
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  • Module 3: Accessible and Inclusive Communication

    This module provides an overview of providing accessible messaging and other communication accommodations for individuals with access and functional needs.
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  • Module 4: Laws and Regulations

    This module provides an overview of federal laws related to accommodations for individuals with access and functional needs, including people with disabilities.
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  • Module 5: Learning Your Community

    This module provides an overview of various data tools that can be used to learn more about people with disabilities in your community, and will identify strategies on how to utilize that data in emergency management planning and education.
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