Stylized text of Justice for Our Community by Shymir Permenter

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Justice for Our Community by Shymir Permenter

I am a 19 -year old African American young man seeking out for justice in our community to stop gun violence and police brutality, to make it a safe place for young kids to live in the community, and also get justice for all the young African American men and women that died. I feel as though we need to put the guns down and talk more about the problems. I think that we need to come together in the community and make it a safe place and I am willing to start a boxing group for young kids and teens and also a leadership program. I want to give to the people that need help with stopping violence.

I lost 10 family members to gun violence and I’ve also been shot at before, but I think if we all come together, we can make it a safe community to live in. I know that if a police officer comes to stop my car to put my hands on the dashboard until he or she tells me to show my license to them. I will try to get more people to not go back and forth with the cops. In 2021 there has been 113,800 African American people killed in the US - that needs to stop.  I want more for our city and for our young kids because they only want to see us dead or in jail, doing time for killing each other. It’s time to change and do it for the kids and your loved ones. I know that it’s a lot to do, but let’s make that change. Mr. Charles from Temple University Hospital said there’s been a lot of gun victims and most of them don’t make it. I believe we have to stick up for us Black people in our community to make it a safe and peaceful place for us to raise kids in the community and the world.