Jasmine L. Clark

Jasmine ClarkJasmine L. Clark, Moderator - Digital Scholarship Librarian, Temple University Library

Jasmine Clark is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Temple University. Her primary areas of research are accessibility and metadata in emerging technology and emerging technology centers. Currently, she is leading The Virtual Blockson, a project to recreate and gamify the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection in virtual reality, while also doing research in 3D metadata and the development of Section 508 compliant guidelines for virtual reality experiences. She is also the chair of the DLF Digital Accessibility Working Group, as well as a Co-Chair of the DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion. Jasmine has experience in a variety of functional areas and departments, including metadata, archives, digital scholarship, and communications and development. She is interested in the ways information organizations can integrate accessible, inclusive practices into their services, hiring, and management practices.

Efua Gyakyewa deGraft-Johnson

Efua Gyakyewa deGraft-Johnson, Panelist - Katz Medical School

Effie deGraft-Johnson is a second year medical student at Temple University. As the daughter of a first generation Ghanaian immigrant to the US, she grew up in the Wisconsin. She is passionate about underserved communities in medicine and is excited for a career in advocacy. In her free time, she spends time with her two hairless cats, Anais and Jupiter.

Thomas Duliban

Thomas DulibanThomas Duliban, Panelist - Temple University Alum, BA Philosophy, 2019, Incoming MSW student, Temple University

Thomas Duliban is an alumnus of Temple University and is a prospective candidate for their Master's of Social Work (MSW) program. His professional interests include working with young adults who have neurodevelopmental disabilities and providing legal support to disabled clients and veterans nationwide. Recently in 2019, Thomas completed a semester at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland through a fellowship awarded by the Kosciuszko Foundation. Outside of employment, Thomas enjoys writing articles about mental health with his own self-narrative, most notably the International OCD Foundation and OC87 Recovery Diaries. Thomas has experience providing academic and social support for students with neurodevelopmental disabilities, providing legal support through case management for disabled clients nationwide, crafting self-narratives and autobiographical writing, and public speaking. He is interested in using his voice to help others seek mental health services, and helping disabled people find their own voices so they can live independent lives and advocate for themselves.

Thomas welcomes the opportunity to network by reaching out to him on his LinkedIn profile.

Sara Potts

Sara PottsSara Potts, Panelist - Master's Art History and Arts Management, Fox Board Fellow 2020-2021, 2021 AHGO Co-President

Sara Potts is a second-year Master's student in Temple University's Department of Art History. Her areas of study include 20th-century Mexican printmaking, non-profit board management, and disability narratives in Western art. In addition to her research, she is a Fox Board Fellow through Temple University's Fox School of Business and Co-President of the Art History Graduate Organization. She received in Bachelor's Degree in Art History from the University of Utah in 2018. In the professional field, she has worked as a Curatorial Intern at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Visitor Experience Manager for the Leonardo Museum. She presently works as a Visitor Experience Associate at the Museum of the American Revolution.

Linda Quap

Linda Quap, Panelist - BA Psychology (May 2021)

Linda is a self-described 52 year-old woman in her senior year in the BA Psychology program in Temple's school of Liberal Arts. Linda's interest is getting a job as research technician or assistant, participating in research that will help create new programs for people with mental health disabilities.

My six-word memoir: #Self-identifying says NO to Stigma