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What are some of the things you enjoy about directing your own services and supports?
I can go places and do things with my support staff.

Tell us about a time when you and your support service professional (SSP) tried something new in your community. Where did you go? What did you do? What did you like about this activity? How did your SSP support you in this new adventure?
The most fun I ever had was when my support person and I took the train to Orlando to the amusement park. I loved all the rides, especially the roller coasters. My supports person helped me get on and off of the rides. This person stayed with me in the hotel and helped me with my meals. I am so happy my supports person was able to take me.

Is there anything you think is hard or challenging about directing your own services and supports? Tell us about a time that you faced a challenge with your support staff and how you worked through this challenge.
My biggest challenge was the PPL [Public Partnerships] timesheets. Most of the time, there were problems. I have not had problems with my two supports people. I really enjoy spending time with them.

Directing my own services and supports is important to me because...
Directing my own services and supports is important to me because it gives me more independence.

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