Institute Launches Collection of Stories from People with Disabilities on Living Life During a Pandemic

December 2020

In March of 2020, much of Philadelphia, indeed the entire Northeast region, shut down due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Among the most vulnerable to the effects of the virus and to the quarantining, are people with disabilities. Voices of people with disabilities, their families, and those who support them are often unheard, especially during a time of crisis.

In response, the Institute has launched a collection of interviews about living with a disability while navigating a pandemic. We Will Talk About These Days features interviews with an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter charged with communicating health and safety information to the Deaf community, an artist with Down Syndrome unable to work in her studio, a young woman hoping to leave an institution for a new life in the community, and immigrants in search of better lives for their children with disabilities.

Lisa Sonneborn, Director of Media Arts and Culture programs at the Institute says that collecting these stories would not have been possible without the support of community partners including Art-Reach, The Center for Creative Works, The Chinatown Disability and Advocacy Project, HandsUp, Liberty Resources, Inc., The Nationalities Service Center, and People's Light. "The stories they tell," Lisa says, "contrast systemic inequities with personal moments of hope, resilience, strength and even joy." Experience all of the stories on the Institute's website.

We Will Talk About These Days was made possible with generous support from the Independence Public Media Foundation.


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