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Tom Delmastro chapter 1


Chapter 1: Tom's Childhood (you are here)
Chapter 2: Tom's Experience at Pennhurst; Buildings, Residents, Staff
Chapter 3: Mistreatment at Pennhurst
Chapter 4: Working at Pennhurst
Chapter 5: Conditions at Pennhurst Exposed in the Media, Talk of Closure
Chapter 6: Tom Moves to the Community, Faces Challenges, Moves Temporarily to Allentown State Hospital
Chapter 7: Tom Returns to Community, Finds Employment, Becomes Active Volunteer, Presents on Pennhurst at Meetings and Conferences
Chapter 8: Tom Reflects on Life

transcript - entire interview

Tom Delmastro Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 1: Tom's Childhood

20:20:06:27 - 20:20:43:27

Lisa: My name is Lisa Sonneborn and I'm interviewing Tom Delmastro at Life Path in Bethlehem, PA on November 11, 2013 and also present is our videographer...

Tom: November 12th; my birthday.

Lisa: November 12th! Is today your birthday?

Tom: Yeah.

Lisa: No! Happy Birthday.

Tom: 63 years old.

Lisa: Congratulations! So we're interviewing Tom Delmastro on his birthday which is November 12, 2013 and also present is our videographer Paul Van Haute and, Tom, do we have your permission to begin your interview?

Tom: Yes, go ahead, shoot.

20:20:43:25 - 20:21:08:05

Lisa: Alright my first question is a pretty simple one. Can you tell me when and where you were born?

Tom: Philadelphia then I moved to Allentown State and then I moved with Pan Am.

Lisa: Tom, can you tell me what year you were born?

Tom: 11/12/1950.

20:21:40:05 - 20:22:16:25

Lisa: I'm going to ask you about your experience at Pennhurst but first I wanted to ask what you do. Are you currently working?

Tom: Yeah, I'm doing newspaper. When I was at Pennhurst I worked in the crib unit; maintenance, recreation, dietary, a runner for personnel offices and helped the nurses out and stuff like that.

20:22:16:26 - 20:22:37:22

Lisa: But right now you said you were working with the paper. What do you do?

Tom: I fold the paper up and put it in the bag. I used to do it for the Morning Call but I'm now doing it for the Eastern Express and I deliver them on Friday.

20:22:39:26 - 20:22:47:02

Lisa: Tom, you're a person with a disability. How would you describe your disability?

Tom: I don't know.

20:22:49:06 - 20:23:18:22

Lisa: What can you tell me about your family? I know you were young when you left them but do you have any memories of them?

Tom: No. I don't know if I ever saw them. I might have a dad but I don't know where he is or my mom is. I don't know and I don't know if I have any other brothers or sisters or nieces or nephews. That I don't know.

20:23:19:20 - 20:23:24:22

Lisa: Do you know why your family gave you up?

Tom: No I don't.

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