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Larry Kubey chapter 3


Chapter 1: Early Life
Chapter 2: School and Friendships
Chapter 3: Work and Life in Community (you are here)
Chapter 4: Self-Advocacy and Advocating for Others
Chapter 5: SAU1, Board Memberships
Chapter 6: Accomplishments and Inspirations

transcript - entire interview

Larry Kubey Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 3: Work and Life in Community

13:14:38:10 - 13:14:52:10

Q. What did you hope to do after you graduated, what did you want to be?

A. An actor.

Q, And were you able to become an actor after school?

A. Yes.

13:14:53:00 - 13:15:25:12

Q. Oh, tell me what that was like.

A. I've done Community Theater with experimental theater. I've been toyeah, I've been to campsand did shows there, and one of them was Camp Sunshine and that was when I saw Bob Nelkin.

13:15:29:00 - 13:15:37:00

Q. How did you know Bob Nelkin, what was he doing at the camp, how did you get to know him?

A. He was one of the main counselors.

13:15:39:05 - 13:16:08:25

Q. And when was that, how old would have been when you went to Camp Sunshine?

A. I think I was around ten or eleven then.

Q. And what did you do at camp?

A. Uhtheater productions, singing and atie-dyeing.

13:16:13:05 - 13:16:39:10

Q. Were you interested in findingwell, most actors I know have two jobs, they act and they usually have another job on the side, was that true for you?

A. It didn't happen that way for me.

Q. How did it happen for you?

A. Every time an opportunity came up I went for it.

13:16:43:10 - 13:16:49:25

Q. And so, are you still acting?

A. On occasions.

13:16:53:05 - 13:17:16:10

Q. Were you interested in doing other kind of work apart from acting?

A. I was once offered a chance to do a commercial for Giant Eagle, but they kept moving the shooting date.

13:17:31:25 - 13:17:55:00

Q. I'm wondering what kind of work you're doing currently.

A. Iamy main work is with advocacy with "Self-Advocates United as 1" as associate assistant trainer.

13:17:59:20 - 13:18:21:15

Q. Like all young people there come a time they feel ready to leave the nest, leave their parents house, and I'm wondering when you felt it was like time to live out on your own?

A. That was back when my dad died in 2002.

13:18:24:15 - 13:19:27:05

Q. Can you tell me did you discuss [moving] before your father passed?

A. Yes.

Q. How did you plan for your life outside of the house?

A. I had to pack up all my clothes in boxes and things; it was nice moving out, theymy dad use to say that I'd be on my own now, once I moved out. And I said that's ok and when I got the place through Community Endeavors, I always thought I'd be living on my own. When I gotwhen I finally moved in there were roommates already.

13:19:38:00 - 13:20:27:25

Q. Had you met your roommates before you moved to your new house?

A. No I didn't.

Q. Had you wished for the opportunity to pick the people that you wanted to live with?

A. No I didn't Even though a lot of the Partnership trainingsahclearly states that a each individual has the right to choose who they want to live with, and yet it'syet it's amazing how ACHIEVA has all those trainings and yet they don't practice what they preach, you know, during the screening process for roommates.

13:20:31:20 - 13:20:54:05

Q. Were you able to choose the house that you lived in?

A. Yes, I've seen other places, but I chose the one on Ludwick.

Q. And how long have you lived there, Larry?

A. Since 2002.

13:20:56:00 - 13:21:25:05

Q. Before your father passed was he and was your sister supportive of you in your desire to move to the community?

A. Yes.

Q. And were they happy to see you in your own home?

A. Yesthey would always come andmy dad came in every once-in-awhile before he passed away and see how I was doing.

13:21:30:05 - 13:22:00:05

Q. Did you like the neighborhood you lived in?

A. Yes.

Q. And tell me a little bit about your neighborhood.

A. My neighborhood is pretty bustling, like cars going by, which is nice Met some of the neighborsthat were pretty nice.

13:22:01:15 - 13:22:21:20

Q. Have you been able to develop friendships with some of your neighbors?

A. Not really, but I also have worked at Sandcastle.

Q. What is that?

A. That's a water park - theme park.

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