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Larry Kubey chapter 2


Chapter 1: Early Life
Chapter 2: School and Friendships (you are here)
Chapter 3: Work and Life in Community
Chapter 4: Self-Advocacy and Advocating for Others
Chapter 5: SAU1, Board Memberships
Chapter 6: Accomplishments and Inspirations

transcript - entire interview

Larry Kubey Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 2: School and Friendships

13:10:25:10 - 13:10:56:25

Q. Larry, did you have friends in the neighborhood growing up?

A. Uhmyes I did.

Q. And what kind of things would you and your neighborhood friends do together?

A. Ride bikes with training wheelsand a watching TVone of the shows I used to love watching was Paul Shannon's "Adventure Time".

13:11:00:10 - 13:11:08:05

Q. Did you ever feel different from the kids you grew up with?

A. I didn't feel see any.

13:11:10:20 - 13:11:30:05

Q. Did kids ever tease you for being different?

A. Sometimes.

Q. Can you share with me what they would say when they teased you?

A. Uhm, used the "M" "R" letters a lotevery kid did that in those days.

13:11:32:05 - 13:11:45:10

Q. And how did you respond in those instances when people would tease?

A. I just said to them, "Hey, you are what you're calling me."

13:11:57:20 - 13:12:17:05

Q. Larry, in the mid '60s when you were old enough to start school - as you know, not all kids with disabilities had a chance to go to school, uhmwere you able to go?

A. Yes.

Q. Where did you got to school?

A. St. Anthony's For Exceptional Children in Oakmont.

13:12:21:00 - 13:12:36:15

Q. What was the experience like at school- did you enjoy your classes there?

A. Yes I did.

Q. What where some of your favorite classes?

A. Reading, writingarithmetic.

13:12:38:25 - 13:12:47:20

Q. Can you describe your class?

A. They were pretty nice.

13:12:50:20 - 13:12:59:15

Q. How long did you stay in school?

A. Until I was 21 and that was in 1981.

13:13:01:15 - 13:13:23:15

Q. While you were in school did you participate in some of the outside activities that schools offer?

A. Yes, I did school plays.

Q. Tell me about that experience.

A. They did "Jesus Christ Superstar" and I had the lead as Jesus.

13:13:25:10 - 13:13:40:20

Q. Did you like acting?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you get cast in other school plays?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you have a favorite role?

A. I think my favorite was Peter Pan.

13:13:52:00 - 13:13:55:25

Q. Was it easy to make friends in school?

A. Sure.

13:14:02:10 - 13:14:17:25

Q. I thinkyou were saying that you stayed in school till you were 21?

A. Yes.

Q. Not all kids did stay in school till they were 21.

A. That's true, at that time they didn't.

13:14:18:10 - 13:14:35:10

Q. Why did you decide to stay?

A. I decided to stay because a I wanted to complete everything there was to learn before I graduated.

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