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Jim Wilson chapter 5


Chapter 1: Family and Early Career
Chapter 2: The ARC of Pennsylvania and Early Advocacy
Chapter 3: The Right to Education and PARC Consent Decree
Chapter 4: The Need for Ongoing Advocacy
Chapter 5: Inspirations (you are here)

transcript - entire interview

Jim Wilson Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 5: Inspirations

05:14:09:09 - 05:15:13:09

Lisa: Who were your inspirations in either life or your work?

Jim: Of course, uh, my, uh, inspiration was my family and, uh, certainly my father initially and, uh, and, uh, then, uh, Lowell, my brother and, uh, particular my mother, she was, uh, just a dynamic, uh, person, charming. Lowell was, uh, was just such, such an extraordinary person. He made us all happy and he was happy and he was fulfilled. Uh, my mother was fulfilled. We were all fulfilled and, uh, uh, felt that, uh, we had, uh, life was, had, had meaning, uh, for us, and, uh, and we had to, uh, work together to achieve these objectives that we had set out for our family and also for, uh, the larger community.

05:16:29:10 - 05:17:20:20

Lisa: When did you first feel like an advocate?

Jim: Well, I never, uh, felt I wore a big sign on myself, uh, advocate in chief. Uh, I never felt that I had that sign around my neck, uh, but I think I realized early on that, uh, this was going to be my way a life. This was going to be a major, uh, definition for my life and, uh, that, uh, this would, uh, provide me with the kind of meaning, uh, that is necessary for many people. I felt that this was a plan that was set for me. For my life.

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