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Graham Mulholland chapter 6


Chapter 1: Personal History and Experience with Disability
Chapter 2: Early Career
Chapter 3: PA Developmental Disabilites Council
Chapter 4: Self-determination and Community Supports
Chapter 5: Shifts in Societal Values
Chapter 6: Reflections on Career (you are here)

transcript - entire interview

Graham Mulholland Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 6: Reflections on Career

03:59:10:27 - 04:01:00:24 Lisa: I think, Graham, we're just going to shift focus slightly and ask you a little bit about, what in your career, and what about your work has given you the most sense of personal accomplishment?

Graham: This is going to sound terribly social-work-y and process-y rather than an outcome, but it's not so much a particular program or project or grant or something that can have heads counted at the end of the day. I think that's what's given me most satisfaction is that I've -- I think what's given me the most satisfaction is that I went into a council where there were a couple of distinct camps: The public policy types, and the touch-y feel-y types. And, to the extent that some of them are still there that actually recognized the benefit and value of each other, recognized the benefit of using public policy to advance, social policy, or recognizing that social policy or social concerns should actually drive our public policy. The fact that there all still there, all still talking to each other, and that we've advanced and defined our values and our statements of intentions, that gives me the most satisfaction. That we had 30, 40 people still on board with an even better idea of what they want to do.

04:01:02:06 - 04:01:46:14 Lisa: There is something -- yet to accomplish something that you would like to accomplish that's still ahead?

Graham: Well, I'm sure that I should say something about my work at the DD council. I would like to continue to encourage the growth of the group of people what work for me who have made tremendous contributions and will do in the future. And, for myself, I have novel writing ambitions, so that's maybe off-track, but, that's there.

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