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Pam Scoggins Abbott and Laurie Scoggins chapter 1


Chapter 1: Conversation with Laurie and Pam (you are here)
Chapter 2: Pam Remembers Her Childhood
Chapter 3: Pam and Laurie as Adults

transcript - entire interview

Pam Scoggins Abbott and Laurie Scoggins Interview (Word)

transcript - current chapter

Chapter 1: Conversation with Laurie and Pam

Lisa: Good morning. My name is Lisa Sonneborn and I am conducting an interview with Pam Abbott and Laurie Scoggins in Pam's home in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and also present is our videographer Lindsey Martin. So Laurie and Pam, do I have your permission to start our interview?

Pam: Is that okay to start Laurie?

Laurie: Yes.

Lisa: Thank you, thank you. Well, the first thing I wanted to ask was if each of you could tell me your names? And we can start with Pam.

Pam: My name is Pam Abbott.

Lisa: [To Laurie] and what is your name?

Pam: [To Laurie] Laurie what's your name?

Laurie: [Speaking......]

Pam: Yea we are the movie. Are you gonna tell Lisa your name?

Laurie: Yea.

Pam: Go ahead tell her your name.


Pam: Laurie...Scoggins...

Laurie: Yea.

Pam: Is that your name?

Laurie: Yea.

Pam: Yea, well you tell Lisa. Can you tell Lisa your name?


Pam: Laurie Scoggins.

Laurie: Yea.

Pam: Are you being shy? Yea

Lisa: Laurie and Pam I wonder if you can tell me what is your relationship? Laurie who is this person sitting next to you?

Laurie: (01:01:31:09-01:03:36:05) [Speaking]

Lisa: We are making a movie that's a camera that will help us make a movie, yea. Who is this person sitting next to you Laurie?

Pam: Who am I? Are you my sister?

Laurie: Yea.

Pam: Yeahh. We're sisters.

Laurie: [Speaking...]

Pam: No, we're sisters. Right?

Laurie: [Speaking...]

Pam: That's right.

Lisa: Who is the big sister?


Pam: Laurie? Are you my big sister?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah. You were born first? Then I came along? Yeah.


Lisa: Laurie, I'm wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your sister Pam. Is your sister special to you?

Pam: (01:02:36:42-) Laurie, what do you like to do with me? What do we do together?


Pam: You visit me. We go out to eat. You come here for holidays. You stay overnight.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: We have snacks, right? We go to parties.

Laurie: Aw, yeah.

Pam: Yeah? Cookouts, right? You like cookouts. You like to come over and sing, right? You played your guitar a little bit ago, singing all kinds of songs.


Pam: It's ok.

Lisa: Would you like to take a little break?

Stop Camera

Laurie: (01:00:03:15-01:00:19:05) Are we going to the movies over there at the mall?

Pam: Yeah we can go sometime.

Laurie: Okay.

Pam: Yeah what do you want to go see?

Laurie: I don't know.

Pam: You're not sure?

Laurie: No.

Pam: Something with singing and dancing?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah?

Lisa: Laurie do you have a favorite movie? I heard you singing some songs today what movie were they from? What movie is that song (Adelveis) from? Do you remember?

Pam: (01:00:31:25-01:01:00:09) What's your favorite movie? With Julie Andrews and all the kids...

Laurie: When we going to Rosehill, to see the kids?

Pam: Oh. Well, maybe next month.

Laurie: Oh next month.

Pam: Yeah. Go back to Rose Hill where she used to live, to see her friends. Yeah we go back and see your friends, don't we?

Laurie: Yeah.

Lisa: Where do you live now Laurie?

Pam: (01:01:05:15-01:01:34:08) Where do you live?

Laurie: Oh boy.

Pam: Where's your house? Where do you live?

Laurie: My house.

Pam: Yeah, and where is your house what town is your house? Pottstown?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah. You're coming up on a year, you've lived there for almost a whole year. Yeah.

Lisa: Do you like your house Laurie?

Laurie: How come I've got this on?

Lisa: What does your bedroom look like? Did you decorate it just as you wanted?

Laurie: How come I've got this (mic) on?

Pam: So people can hear you. Yeah- do you want to tell Lisa about your house, your new house?

Laurie: Yeah.I want to take it (mic) off.

Pam: No we need that on just for a little bit. So Laurie, you live in Pottstown, right? And you live with some other ladies... Who do you live with what's the name of your housemates?

Laurie: I don't know.

Pam: You don't know.

Laurie: I have to take it (mic) off.

Pam: It's not bothering you is it?

Laurie: No. When do we take it (mic) off? When?

Pam: When?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: In a little bit, when we're done talking.

Lisa: Is that okay just for a few more minutes to wear while we're talking?

Pam: See I have one too, did you see mine? It's just so that everybody can hear you.

Lisa: So what kinds of things do you like to do at home Laurie- in your new house? What do you like to do?

Laurie: (01:02:58:21-3:05:00:01) Fiddles with mic. I don't want it (mic) on me.

Pam: (01:00:08:13-01:01:00:07) [Talking to Laurie]

Pam: We're just gonna be a few more minutes. But I need for you to tell Lisa, when she asks you a question you need to tell her what your favorite movie is or about your house. Ok? Don't be shy.

Laurie: I won't.

Pam: Ok, because we want to hear your story. (Laurie hugs Pam) We want to know about you, and so do other people. "cause you have a good story.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah.

Laurie kisses Pam

Pam: You do, I want you to tell your story. Allright?

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: So don't be shy!

Sisters cuddle

Pam: ok? And I'll help you.

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: I'll help you tell your story.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Allright, good. And then we'll go out for lunch.

Laurie: Yeah, we can.

Pam: Ok.

Lisa: So Laurie we were talking a little bit about your house, do you like your house?

Laurie: (01:01:04:05-01:01:10:01) I like spaghetti

Pam: Yeah that's your favorite, isn't it?

Laurie: Yeah, I like spaghetti all the time.

Pam: Yeah

Lisa: Do you make spaghetti in your kitchen?

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: Yeah

Lisa: Do you have friends that live with you in your house Laurie?

Laurie: (01:01:26:00-01:02:27:00) What time is it?

Pam: Its, I don't know, lets see; It's about twenty of eleven.

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: But, let's talk about your house- your house in Pottstown.

Laurie: [Nods no]

Pam: [Laughing] Tell me about your house in Pottstown Laurie, do you like your new house?

Laurie: [Nods yes]

Pam: Yeah? Do you like having your own room?

Laurie: No

Pam: Yes you do. You like having your own room. What do you do, what do you like to do in your room?


Pam: Do you do your pegs?

Laurie: Oh yeah.

Pam: Do you want to tell Lisa?

Laurie: I know her.

Pam: Yeah tell Lisa about your TV and your pegs.

Laurie: (01:02:27:10-01:02:50:25) Yeah. Sometime I do.

Pam: Sometimes you do. Like after work when you get back from work.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Do you like going to work? Yeah? What do you do at work?


Pam: What do you do at work?

Laurie: I make things.

Pam: Yeah, do you make things? Yeah? Do you get paid?

Laurie: I got check money.

Pam: You got check money.

Laurie: (Name) gave it to me.

Pam: Mmm hmm.

Lisa: What do you do when you get your check money, Laurie?

Pam: Do you give me your check? Do you give me your check?

Laurie: (01:03:00:12-01:03:22:03) Yeah.

Pam: Yeah and then we go to the bank.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: What do you do?

Laurie: I don't know.

Pam: I give you your check back.

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah. We go up to see the lady, the teller...And then you get your money...

Laurie: Yeah.

Lisa: What kinds of things do you like to buy with your money, do you like to go places or buy special things?

Laurie nods yes

Lisa: What kinds of things- where do you like to go? What kinds of things do you like to do?


Lisa: I know you like the movies. Have you seen any good movies lately?


Pam: Hey Laurie. What do you want to do?

Laurie: (01:00:04:00-01:00:52:09) I want to go with you. I want to go to the movies/

Pam: Yeah you want to go to the movies with me?

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: Okay. What movie do you want to go see?

Laurie: I don't know.

Pam: Just any movie? Any movie okay?

Laurie: Yeah

Pam: Okay and what do you want to eat when we get there?

Laurie: I like spaghetti.

Pam: Spaghetti at the movies? No...

Laurie: No! At the diner.

Pam: At the diner. Yeah which diner do you want to go to? Which one? Limerick? Pottstown?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: That one? Pottstown? Okay, so we'll do that later okay. So do you remember when we moved your things into your new house? Do you remember that?

Laurie: I don't know

Pam: It was about a year ago and you moved from ----to your new house.

Laurie: (01:01:17:10-01:01:56:00) Yeah.

Pam: Yeah. That was a big change wasn't it? Do you like your new house?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah? Who works at your house?

Laurie: I don't know.

Pam: You don't know?

Laurie: No.

Pam: Marcus. Do you like Marcus?

Laurie: No.

Pam: No? Okay. You have three ladies you live with: Joan and Theresa and... Ruth.


Pam: Yeah. Are you my big sister?

Laurie: (01:02:02:10-01:02:14:07) Yeah.

Pam: Yeah. Do you help me? Do you take care of me? Yeah we take care of each other?

Laurie: [Nods]

Pam: Yeah. Sometimes. You were in my wedding weren't you? Do you remember what you wore?

Laurie: (01:02:00:21-01:02:53:00) You, me and Kevin.

Pam: That's right. You, me, and Kevin and you were my bridesmaid. You had that pretty pink dress on- do you remember that? And the pink hat? And you came down the steps holding the flowers?

Laurie: Yeah. [To Lisa] I like you.

Lisa: I like you too.

Laurie: I like her [To Pam] she's my sister.

Pam: That's right. We're sisters.


Pam: So, how about work. Do you want to tell me about work? I know that you didn't want to take the day off today.

Laurie: (01:02:53:30-01:03:49:10) I did. I did have the day off, I did.

Pam: Okay. That's today, right? Are you going to work tomorrow?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Yeah because you like it at work, don't you? Yeah. And you like the people you work with. You do a good job. And you get paid money, right?


Pam: Yeah we were just counting your money yesterday, you had all these quarters that-

Laurie: [Yawning]

Pam: You're getting tired? You okay?

Laurie: Yeah.

Pam: Do you need some water?

Laurie: No.

Pam: Okay. Alright.


Lisa: Laurie is there anything else you would like to tell us about your sister?


Lisa: Is she a pretty good sister?

Pam: Are you nervous? With that big light, does that make you nervous, sitting here? Its allright, its ok.

Lisa: I think you did a great job Laurie. Would you like us to continue talking or would you like us to stop for awhile?

Pam: Are you done?

Laurie: Yeah, I'm done.

Pam: Ok. If you want to come back, 'cause I'm going to stay and talk, if you want to come back you can come back, ok?

Laurie nods yes.

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