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Pennsylvania has played an important and historically significant role in the creation of public policy (both through legislation and litigation) that has changed the way people with intellectual disabilities live in our community. From the right to education, to the closing of institutions and the movement toward self-determination, Pennsylvanians with disabilities, family members, and advocates have paved the way for national policies that have led to widespread reform.

There is much to be learned from a generation of advocates and self-advocates who risked much to ensure the safety and freedom of people with disabilities. If their memories and stories are not preserved, they will disappear forever. To that end, the Visionary Voices | Leaders Lessons Legacy project of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University strives to collect the stories of those who played a part, or were first hand witness, to the events that changed the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in Pennsylvania. These first-person accounts of our history are a vital resource for students, teachers, scholars, people with disabilities, families, policymakers and members of the media. The project is in two parts: video interviews and collected papers of attorney and advocate Dennis Haggerty.

The website: Visionary Voices Leaders | Lessons | Legacy

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